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International Precision Rifle Sport

Bringing all Precision Rifle Nations together is our Ultimate Goal!

The International Precision Rifle Federation aims to unify the sport of Precision Rifle worldwide and set standards for competition internationally to enable a level field of play at Regional and World Championships.

The International Precision Rifle Federation has been in the making since early 2019, and the first meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland in September of 2019, represented by Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

Since then, the IPRF has grown in leaps and bounds with Nations joining and committing to set up their internal national structures as Precision Rifle sport matures in each country.

The IPRF continues to grow as more Nations apply.

Growing globally

Participating Countries
Athletes per Country
Championship Competitors

The following countries form the International Precision Rifle Federation.





Czech Republic

Affiliate Member


Great Britain







Full Member
Namibian Precision Rifle Association



Associate Member
PRS Norge


South Africa

Full Member
South African Precision Rifle Federation







Affiliate Member
Viking Rifle Series – Sweden


United States


Full Members

Full Members are Member Nations that are democratically constituted organizations within their countries and are accepted by their national sport shooting federation as the official Precision Rifle Shooting Sport.

Associate Members

Associate Members are Member Nations that are democratically constituted organizations within their countries, but have not yet been accepted by their national sport shooting federation as the official Precision Rifle Shooting Sport.

Affiliate Nations

Affiliated Members are organizations that have joined IPRF with the intent of forming a democratically constituted Precision Rifle organization within their countries. Such organizations have exclusive rights as a Member Nation for 2 years while they constitute their organizations.

IPRF Council and Committees

The Committees act as advisory bodies within the IPRF. They assist, support and advise IPRF Bodies with respect to all matters assigned to them according to their purview within the Constitution.

IPRF International Council

President: Scott Satterlee (USA)
Vice-President: Rob Ramsden (RSA)
Secretary: Tiff Dew (UK)
Treasurer: Michael Ward (IE)
The Members of the Executive Committee
A Representative of each of the Full and Associate Member Nations.

Executive Committee

Chairman: Scott Satterlee (USA)
Vice-Chairman: Rob Ramsden (RSA)
Secretary: Tiff Dew (UK)
Treasurer: Michael Ward (IE)
Technical Committee Chairman:
Athlete Commission Chairman:
Officials Committee Chairman:
Eric Lundberg (USA)
Coaches Committee Chairman:
Statutes and Eligibility Committee Chairman:
Medical Committee Chairman:
Discipline Committee Chairman (Centerfire):
Discipline Committee Chairman (Rimfire):

Technical Committee

Assist the different Discipline Committees in the development of shooting rules and their discipline.
Coordinate and review general and rules proposals for different shooting events and submit them for discussion and approval to the Council.
Coordinate and review proposals from Discipline Committees.
Evaluate and assist in the development of range designs, range equipment and operational procedures for all IPRF Championships.
Approve technical equipment as required.

Chairman: Marcus Olsson (SE)
Members: Rusty Russel (AU), Schalk van Wyk (NM), Josh Botha (CA)

Athletes Commission

The Athletes Commission shall consist of one (1) athlete from each Member Federation/Association.

Gathering information and opinions from athletes on their needs and problems with regard to major IPRF Competitions.
Consulting with athletes in the evaluation of the rules and regulations of the shooting sports and subsequently provide feedback.
Establishing contacts and coordinating activities with the Athlete Commissions of Continental and National Federations/Associations.
Participating in working groups, to ensure the best possible conditions for the training, accommodation and living conditions for the athletes as well as for the conduct of the IPRF competitions.
Engaging actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play.
Establishing a direct link between athletes within the IPRF.


Officials Committee

Provide guidelines for international officials.
Create educational programs for officials.
Prepare, conduct and approve courses for officials members.
Propose officials for IPRF Championships to the Executive Committee.

Chairman: Eric Lundberg (USA)
Members: Pier Bussetti (IT)

Coaches Committee

Gather information and opinions on coaches needs and problems during training and IPRF Championships.
Voice recommendations on these issues to the relevant IPRF Bodies.
Create educational programs for coaches.
Promote coaching within the sport.
Establish links between coaches within the IPRF.


Statutes And Eligibility Committee

Study the legal implications of proposed amendments to the IPRF Constitution and other IPRF Rules and Regulations.
Study and prepare rule changes regarding athlete eligibility, marketing and sponsorship and regulations for individual participation in IPRF Championships.
Coordinate and review the drafting of amendments to the Constitution.

Chairman:  Rob Ramsden (RSA)
Members: Tiff Dew (GB), Michael Ward (IE)

Medical Committee

Advise relevant IPRF Bodies regarding sports medicine and medical matters as well as matters relating to the Medical Code and/or the WADA and Anti-Doping Code.
Support the Organization and execution of anti-doping controls in IPRF Championships.
Promote the exchange of knowledge, experience and research in sport medicine matters through events and publications.


Discipline Committees

Discipline Committees are established for each discipline of the IPRF recognized shooting sports.
They recommend changes to the respective shooting rules to the Technical Committee and Council, and must consider all technical questions relating to the Organization of competitions, competition procedures and arms and equipment in their respective disciplines, including the preparation of rule interpretations.

Precision Rifle (Centerfire) - Discipline Committee


Precision Rifle (Rimfire) - Discipline Committee


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